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RENTER'S INSURANCE: Protection for what you own and more!

Fiction: Fact:
  • The Landlordís insurance provides coverage for the personal property of their tenants.
  • The Landlordís insurance is only designed to cover property they own not the property of their tenants.
  • One policy will cover anyone who lives in the apartment.
  • Insurance usually only applies to the person on the policy and resident relatives.
  • The chances of a loss in my apartment are minimal so buying insurance is just an extra expense.
  • Losses as a result of fire, water damage, theft in and outside the apartment and liability claims are not uncommon.
  • I donít own much so I donít have much at risk.
  • Renters many times have belongings in excess of $10,000 and would find it a financial burden to replace all the items they own due to a loss.
  • Renters' Insurance is to expensive.
  • Insurance usually costs less than $.75 per day
  • Renter's Insurance is not needed to rent an apartment.
  • Leases are often contingent on having Renters Insurance in place before you move in to a new apartment.
We want to make renter's insurance easy to understand and easy to buy. Why take the chance? You can protect yourself in most cases for less than 75Ę per day.

Spread the word, email a friend today! is available only to New York renters at this time.

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