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Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart, I pass along the news that the building that has been the home of MINOR Improvements PT for the past 12 years has been listed for sale. We've been served with a Notice to Vacate the Premises by July 31, 2015 from the current owners of the building, The Karen & Gary Dake Foundation for Children.

Given such short notice, we have no choice but to leave our beautiful building. But rest assured, we are pursuing a suitable location for the practice that has earned the reputation of providing state of the art Pediatric Physical Therapy services to children in the Capital region for nearly 13 years. Although we've received some very generous offers for temporary relocation, I feel that it's appropriate for us to commit to a more permanent setting and establish ourselves there.

This is and has been my life's passion, and I have been truly fortunate to have found so many wonderful colleagues who feel the same way-here at MIPT and in the community.

I will keep you informed as I continue my pursuit of opportunities for reorganization and (dare I say?) ... an IMPROVED... MINOR Improvements PT.

Thank you to all the families and members of the community who continue to reach out in support of us and our mission as we work to overcome the obstacle in front of us.

It warms our hearts as we work through this challenging time. I look forward to the next phase...

With gratitude and love,
Karen and the MIPT staff



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